NEWPORT, Ky. – Nearly 1,000 people, including Pete Rose, attended the Northern Kentucky premiere of ” 4192: The Crowning of the Hit King” at AMC theaters Wednesday.

The movie follows the life of Pete Rose from 1963 on, but does not mention any of the controversies that are attached to Rose. The film was produced by the local production company Barking Fish Entertainment and stars Rose, along with those who know him.

Rose says he likes the film.

“Send a copy to heaven, let Babe Ruth see it, let everybody see it,” Rose joked. “Ty Cobb won’t want to see it, but Babe Ruth will.”

Rose says the story is about baseball, and family.

“I think the story is going to elaborate on the kind of relationship I had with my dad, and that hard work attitude he instilled in me,” said Rose before the screening.

Director Terry Lukemire says he hopes this is a story for entire families.

“I think it’s going to be a movie that fathers will hand down to their kids, frankly, if I had a kid I would definitely say ‘learn this,’ the guy’s work ethic is amazing,” said Lukemire.

Rose says he wants the film to inspire others.

“If I can help one kid become a better baseball player or better businessman because of watching how I developed myself, then we’ve accomplished something,” he said.

The documentary played on two screens July 14 and both were sold out.

Bill Hardke, from Covington, was one of those lined up to seethe debut.

“It’s about his baseball career, I’m surprised someone hasn’t gone ahead and already made it,” Hardke said.

Producers wanted to have the first screening in Cincinnati, but instead had to premiere the film last week in Los Angles where Rose received a five minute standing ovation.

The film is already getting attention from people outside of the Tri-State. ‘4192’ took home first place at the All Sports L.A. Film Festival.

“We’re looking towards limited theatrical release and then on to TV, like HBO and FOX Sports Net,” Luckemire said.

No screenings are scheduled yet in Cincinnati, however producers promise it will be seen on the big screen. They hope to release DVD’s of the film to mark the September of Rose’s record breaking hit.

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BY: Larry Shields , Photographed by: Jason Garrison
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